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Benefits of Using Squats To Build Core Strength

Doing squats produces way more benefits than building your lower body strength. It increases your bone mineral density, thus increasing the core strength of your bones. As such, there is a reduced risk of lower back and leg injury. For athletes, it helps with increased mobility and speed, resulting in greater performance. Besides that, squats

Different Types of Yoga: Which Type of Yoga is Best for You?

More than 6,000 years ago, Yoga was developed and practiced by the ancient Indus-Sarasvati civilization from Northern India. Due to the nature of how the sacred texts were being documented in the early days, such as on palm leaves, these were damaged easily or long lost and forgotten. The beginnings of the Yogic scriptures can

Strength Training Tips To Build Muscle Mass

Strength is the foundation of almost all physique as well as performance goals. Being strong helps you gain muscle easily, run faster, lose fat, as well as work hard and long in the gym. Strength training not only helps build muscle strength, but it also increases your body’s resting metabolic rate thus causing it to

Why Planks Are Not Giving You Results?

What so good about planks? The plank is one of the best exercises for targeting your core, is easily modifiable for different fitness levels or injuries, and doesn’t take long to measure improvement. Just about anyone can do some variation of it, it can be done virtually anywhere indoors or outdoors, it requires no equipment,

Breathing Exercises To Reduce Stress

Learn how you can take control and reduce stress on command! Do you have a major interview coming up? Or maybe your just about to give a presentation in front of some really important people! These can be very stressful situations. For the majority of people, it’s not uncommon to feel the butterflies in your

Stressed By Exercise? 5 Things That Could Be The Reason Why.

Exercise is supposed to relax you, but why do I feel stressed when working out? I’ve heard this question many times, exercise stresses people out, but then why is it considered a relaxing hobby, which a lot of other people like to do in their spare time? Well, people who get really into regular exercise

Early Morning Workouts Pros and Cons

There are always going to be pros and cons to going to the gym in the morning even before breakfast. But depending on your fitness goals this can be a great strategy for you! Who should go to the gym in the morning? If your main goal is to lose weight and get ripped, then

25 Minute Uphill Treadmill Leg Blast Routine

This uphill treadmill leg blast routine is so quick to complete and you will definitely be feeling the pump in your quads! In a world where you barely have time to hit the gym. So many commitments, family, work, and keeping a social life. It’s difficult to get your workout quota done for the day.

The Secret To Building Muscle

The secret is… that there is no secret! A lot of websites out there try and make you believe that there is a hidden method that no one knows about to instantly gain huge muscles or achieve all your fitness dreams. That is not true, don’t buy into the lies. Here’s all you need to

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