Day: August 24, 2020

Stress, Tiredness and Fatigue

Stress comes in a whole lot of ways but the effects are always the same- devastating. Just for the record, there are three types of stress and the bad one in distress. This is the kind of stress that does not allow you to do anything at all. It often comes when you have so

The Benefits Of Practicing Yoga Regularly

In a society, that is increasingly fast and powerful, more and more people are living a life full of stress that is extremely detrimental to their health and quality of life. With schedules that rarely respect their natural rhythm, they find themselves exhausted and can no longer recover. They tend to go against the nature

Effective Breathing Exercises To Stop Anxiety And Panic Attacks

Dealing with anxiety is something that can range from mild anxiousness to chronic worry and panic. Whether it is severe or not, anxiety can be a burden as it interferes with our daily life and makes things seem worse than they are. A bit of stress is necessary to spur productivity, but too much of

Benefits of Using Squats To Build Core Strength

Doing squats produces way more benefits than building your lower body strength. It increases your bone mineral density, thus increasing the core strength of your bones. As such, there is a reduced risk of lower back and leg injury. For athletes, it helps with increased mobility and speed, resulting in greater performance. Besides that, squats

Post-Workout: Just How Much Protein Should You Eat?

Alongside the typical banging and clanking of weights at the gym, you will hear one more sound – shaking. In their relentless quest for more muscle, gym rats often pound protein shakes after their workout sessions for fear of their hard-earned muscle wasting away. Whether from whole foods or from protein shakes, the decision to